Project definition

We will show you catalogues full of fresh, new ideas, ready for further development.

Using concrete design ideas as a starting point is easier and more effective than trying to communicate via written briefs. Our collections of  fresh, innovative concepts help you to short circuit the initial design process so you can get your new product to market more quickly and at a lower cost.

You can licence a design and develop it by yourself. We are also happy to help clients tailor our initial designs to their specific needs and take the process through to manufacture if required.


We offer support with development and refinement of design ideas selected by our clients.

Designs can be adjusted to your specific marketing objectives.


We have experience of taking product designs all the way through to manufacture and can assist with any part of this process as required by our clients.

We offer a practical approach to the design process with the simple aim of helping our clients to produce a final product that is commercially successful.