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Concept / 2007

Hypneo – an alarm clock which learns and adjusts itself to the user. It consists of a tube, three balls and a wrist sensor as well as software to install on your mobile, tablet or personal computer. The Alarm-clock aquires information and learns the habits of a user, then matches a best scenario of wakening with the user’s habits. By this means, it follows the idea of sustainable design, healthy life style and self-consciousness of a user.

The awakening process is performed by having an effect on various senses: sense of smell, sight, hearing and intuition which by some people is considered to be our sixth sense.


In your mobile you set the final time of wakening and time interval during which you wanted to be awoken. Software shows detailed data about quality and quantity of your sleep. It Can suggest small changes in your daily activity. It is said that proper sleep and rest is a basis for your good mood and in the end also a better life.

Many people suffer from chronic sleep disorders due to the pace of contemporary life. Especially those who live in big cities to not comply with their basic sleep hygiene. Sleepiness, bad mood, bad concentration during the day – similar to ailments such as jet-lag which concerns every other metropolitan. People who are living incompatibly to their circadian rhythm have worse results in IQ tests and are also more prone to depression.