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Manufactured by DKB Household / 2015

ShapeStock was involved in preparation of the CAD data for the projects in this collection during the development process.

The collection consists of:

Self-Watering Single and Triple Potted Herb Keeper

Designed to keep herbs fresh in their original pots. The herbs draw water from a hydro-felt pad which you insert under the retaining arm inside the container. There is a spout in the front of container to easily regulate the water level. Fits up to 85mm diameter pot (base)  No need to re-pot.

Fresh Cut Herb Keeper

Useful for extending the life of cut herbs by up to 10 days. A “flip and slide” lid provides easy access to herbs. The container will fit neatly into your refrigerator door. It has water max fill and refill window, air vents in the lid and 3 removable dividers to store a variety of herbs. Height 230mm, width 185mm, depth 120mm

Hachoir & Board. Easy way to chop your herbs. The hachoir or mezzaluna blade is dishwasher safe and can be safely folded away as the handles are pivoted to help protect the blade and make the chopping motion easier.