Concept / 2009

“(…) What the foe by force has seized,
Sword in hand we’ll gain.”
(From the Polish national anthem)

The karabela became popular during the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth which emerged in the late sixteenth century. It was a sabre, light in weight, and worn as a decorative accessory at court. A karabela was expensive and Polish nobles would typically own just one which would be the most precious single item passed on from generation to generation.

The design goal of the project was to create an umbrella in the shape of a karabela, in polish national colours with graphics hinting at traditional Polish folk motifs, as a practical gadget promoting Poland and representing a time when Polish civic life led the way in Europe.

The appearance of a sheathed sabre, which turns out to be an umbrella, is a metaphor for Polish history.

The project also contains a message about Polish hospitality and openness to other cultures. The umbrella will protect the representatives of other nationalities and will promote a better atmosphere in the streets when we will be passing by foreigners with Polish sabres in their hands.

Today, the karabela is used during military parades – hence the name of the project.

“Parada” can be easily fixed to a belt or bag so that you will not forget or lose it. The soft sheath allows for free and easy movement.